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At Otero Junior College, we want to help you take that first step to higher education and a new career in life. We offer a variety of degree and certificate programs, night classes, and distance courses to meet your educational needs.

To get started download and
complete the OJC Admissions Checklist:     Admissions Checklist

and the OJC Student Agreement:     Student Agreement

NOTE: The Student Agreement MUST be completed each term before registration. Download and print PDF form, sign form and
      1) Scan form and e-mail to Student Services
      2) Mail signed form to Student Services or
      3) Drop form off at Student Services.

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Begin your college experience today by using our Admissions Navigator. The Admissions Navigator will guide you using a series of questions to deliver the information you need. The Master Admissions Index located at the bottom of this page provides direct links to our information pages.

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