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  1. Competition is in three categories: Essay, Short Story, and Poetry (7-12 grades) and Creative Book (9-12 grade only) . A student may enter more than one category, but no student will be allowed to have two or more entries in the same category, i.e., two poems or two essays. Class assignments on the same topic handicap the student and are not encouraged for the festival. While skill in writing itself is to be prized, subject selection and limitation are a vital, creative part of the writing process.

  2. Each teacher should select the four best examples in any or all of the categories (for a maximum of twelve entries per teacher per class). We rely on teachers to assure the originality of each writing.

  3. TWO COPIES of each entry must be submitted. Both copies must have the writing category typed in the upper right-hand corner, and one copy should include: a) student's name, b) grade, and c) school/teacher's name. ENTRIES SUBMITTED WILL NOT BE RETURNED; THEREFORE, TEACHERS SHOULD PLAN TO MAKE COPIES FOR THEMSELVES OR THE STUDENT.

    _____________INDICATE the category of each piece of writing at the top of both copies.

  4. An essay may be on any topic. Please limit the essay to no more than 500 words. YOU MUST INCLUDE A TITLE.

    _____________INDICATE the category of each piece of writing at the top of both copies.

  5. A short story may be on any topic and should demonstrate a strong sense of narration, description, and character development. These are NOT to be autobiographical in nature. Please limit short stories to 1,000 words. YOU MUST INCLUDE A TITLE.

    _____________INDICATE the category of each piece of writing at the top of both copies.

  6. Poetry may be of any style, may be submitted in an artistic visual format, and must be titled. Please limit poems to no more than 30 lines. Patterning a poem directly on another poet's style or format may be good practice, but an individual approach is always prized.

    _____________INDICATE the category of each piece of writing at the top of both copies.

  7. All entries are due by 5:00 p.m. FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2015. Entries can be mailed or dropped off at Humanities Center Room 105. (entry form PDF links: [Senior Portfolio], [High School & Middle School ] ). Judges will determine overall winners. Winners will be recognized on THURSDAY, APRIL 2 at 7:00 p.m. during the awards ceremony. Teachers or students may pick writing up immediately following the awards.

  8. In the Senior Portfolio competition, the senior student must exhibit talent in the Essay, Short Story, and Poetry categories. Only one entry per category is allowed; but, seniors can now include writing completed during any of their high school years. For example, a senior has the choice to enter a poem and essay completed during the sophomore year, and a short story completed during the senior year. They can choose any combination of the three. Senior Portfolio entries are limited to this group and do not compete at large.

  9. There are mailing labels included in the February mailing; one will be for all students not entering the Senior Portfolio and the other will be for ONLY the Senior Portfolio contest. Junior high schools will receive only one label. Be sure to put the correct entries into the school envelopes that you adhere the label to. PLEASE USE THE INCLUDED LABELS ON YOUR SCHOOL ENVELOPES. Thank You.



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