Otero Junior College
Arkansas Valley Regional Science Fair

Deadlines & Dates

Appreciating the Sciences

All projects must be accompanied by ISEF paperwork. There are four ways for you to get this paperwork to me (in order of preference).

  1. Scan tour paperwork and safe as pdf file. then e-mail the pdf file to: wayne.beadles@ojc.edu Subject headline should include students name and an indication that this is their science fair paperwork:example: Joe Smith science fair paperwork attached
  2. Mail in your paperwork to:
    Wayne Beadles
    Arkansas Valley Regional Science Fair
    Otero Junior College
    1802 Colorado Avenue
    La Junta, CO 81050
  3. Hand deliver the paperwork:
    Bring the paperwork in person to
         a. Wayne Beadles - Otero Junior College, Humanities Building Room #146
         b. Dr. Joel Gray- Otero Junior College, Wheeler Hall Room #119
         c. Debbie Phillips- Otero Junior College, Humanities Building  Room # 119
  4. Fax your paperwork
    (This is the least desirable format for Faxes are usually hard to read and often times transmissions are incomplete due to miss-fed pages etcetera.)
    Fax to : Wayne Beadles 719-384-6923


Monday February 9:  Last day to MAIL-IN your ISEF paperwork. All  mailed ISEF paperwork must have a POSTAGE DATE of no later than February 9.  

Wednesday February 11:  Last day to REGISTER ON-LINE

Wednesday February 11:  Last day to FAX ISEF paperwork Or send as e-mail pdf attachment

Friday February 13:  Last day to HAND DELIVER your ISEF paperwork



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