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Required Paperwork

Appreciating the Sciences

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Paperwork required for All Projects:

  • All projects will require Form 1, Form 1A, Research Plan, and Form 1B
  • Form 1 requires Adult Sponsor signature prior to experimentation.
  • Form 1A  requires ACTUAL Start and End dates only.  These are the dates the student actually BEGAN EXPERIMENTATION or DATA COLLECTION.  Not the date the student started planning and library research.  
  • The Research Plan is a plan for the future of what the student intends to do so it should be written in the future tense.
  • The Research Plan should include a minimum of five references other than Wikipedia.
  • The Approval Form, Form 1B, requires student and parent Signature Prior to Experimentation.
  • Finally, please remember this is a volunteer run operation and we may seem busy at times but we are here to help answer your questions and will address your concerns as quickly as we can.

The following forms may or may not be required for a particular project:

Form 1C is required if the project needs to be performed at a Regulated Research Institution.
Form 2 is required if a Qualified Scientist is needed to either review the research plan or act as designated supervisor for the project.
Form 3 is needed if the project posses any Risks to the student.

Projects that require special approval signatures prior to experimentation:

    1. Projects involving human subjects: (either physical testing and/or psychological testing)
  • These projects require IRB review and three signatures in Form 4. Signatures from:  1) medical professional; 2) school administrator; and 3) a teacher or school educator (these are usually the IRB members signatures).  Note the persons signing this form MAY NOT be the adult sponsor, designated supervisor, qualified scientist overseeing the project, or a relative.
  • A Consent Form is needed and should be kept in record by the adult sponsor or designated supervisor for those projects that involve human test subjects. A sample form of informed consent is included on page 35 of the rule book (see rules and guidelines web link above)
    2. Projects involving vertebrate animals:
  • These type of studies must be approved by SRC prior to experimentation. Please contact us (Dr. Aaron O. Reyes or Dr. Joel Gray) for approval. We will review the projects proposed study and determine if it requires a Designated Supervisor, DVM, and/or Qualified Scientist, Form 2.
  • After SRC approval student will need to obtain the necessary signatures as determined by SRC on Form 5A
  • It is best to communicate via e-mail so as to have documentation of SRC approval date.
  • Some vertebrate projects may require to be performed only in a Regulated Research Institution, SRC review will determine if this is necessary.  If so, then Form 5B will also need to be submitted.
    3. Projects involving human or animal tissue:
  •   Human or animal tissue includes: 1) fresh or frozen samples obtained from the grocery store; 2) fresh or frozen samples obtained from a laboratory; 3) primary cell cultures; 4) blood and blood products; 5) body fluids.
  • In addition to proper human or animal forms these projects require the completion of Form 6A and Form 6B.
  • The Qualified Scientist or Designated Supervisor must sign Form 6B prior to experimentation date.
    4. Projects involving the handling of Potential Biological hazards:
  • For definitions on what constitutes a Biological Hazard please follow the link above (rules and guidelines link) and refer to page 13-15 of the ISEF rules and guidelines handbook.
  • If the study is performed in a Regulated Research Institution under the supervision of a Qualified Scientist then it may be signed by SRC at any time.
  • However, If the project is not to be performed at a Regulated Research Institution then it must be approved by SRC PRIOR to EXPERIMENTATION.
   5.   Risk Assessment Form 3:
  • Most projects will present some kind of risk to the student that must be assessed, whether it be the use of power tools or the use of chemicals in the chemistry laboratory. This form ensures that an Adult Sponsor, Designated Supervisor, and/or Qualified Scientist has talked about the potential risks to the student inherent in his/her project and has taken the proper precautions to ensure student safety. 
  • This form must be completed prior to experimentation. Please review the Risk Assessment Guide Link above to determine if your student’s project will require completion of Form 3. You may also consult with your local IRB or with us if you are not sure if a student's project carries any risk that would require this form to be completed.



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