Otero Junior College

Athletics Department Staff Directory

Instructor/Staff * *
Assistant Softball Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6918
Office: McDivitt Gym 112

Instructor/Staff Gary Addington
Athletic Director
Phone: (719) 384-6859
Email: Gary.Addington@ojc.edu
Office: McBride 132

Instructor/Staff Melissa Anderson
Head Volleyball Coach/Coordinator of Sports Information
Phone: (719) 384-6927
Email: Melissa.Anderson@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 203

Instructor/Staff Michael Bielski
Head Soccer Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6808
Email: Michael.Bielski@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 113

Instructor/Staff Brandon Buchanan
Assistant Baseball Coach
Phone: (970) 219-1855
Email: Brandon.Buchanan@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 112

Instructor/Staff Chris Carrillo
Head Baseball Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6973
Email: Chris.Carrillo@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 116

Instructor/Staff Sierra Doherty-Cardenas
Assistant Womens Soccer Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6956
Email: Sierra.Doherty-Cardenas@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 112

Instructor/Staff Stacey Holewinski
Athletic Trainer
Email: Stacey.Holewinski@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym

Instructor/Staff Jamie Hutchison
Womens Soccer Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6880
Email: Cameron.Pitura-Hutchison@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 114

Instructor/Staff Jessica Kielpinski
Assistant Womens Basketball Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6921
Email: Jessica.Kielpinski@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 109

Instructor/Staff Kurt Long
Director Fittness Center
Phone: (719) 384-6916
Email: Kurt.Long@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 118

Instructor/Staff Joe McClain
Womans & Mens Golf Coach
Email: Joe.McClain@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym

Instructor/Staff Beverlee Miller
Assistant Director Fittness Center
Phone: (719) 384-6919
Email: Beverlee.Miller@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 112

Instructor/Staff Rebecca Miner
Assistant Volleyball Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6927
Email: Rebecca.Miner@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 203

Instructor/Staff Brendan O'Connor
Assistant Mens Basketball Coach/Assistant Student Housing Director
Phone: (719) 384-6921
Email: Brendan.OConnor@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 112

Instructor/Staff Houston Reed
Mens Basketball Coach/Coordinator of Student Life
Phone: (719) 384-6828
Email: Houston.Reed@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 202

Instructor/Staff Travis Richter
Assistant Baseball Coach/UCCS Coordinator
Phone: (719) 384-6953
Email: Travis.Richter@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 112

Instructor/Staff Linsay Rosser-Sumpter
Head Rodeo Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6876
Email: Linsay.Rosser@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 119

Instructor/Staff Christopher Smith
Assistant Mens Soccer Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6808
Email: Christopher.Smith@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym

Instructor/Staff Kyle Spencer
Womens Basketball Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6829
Email: Kyle.Spencer@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 201

Instructor/Staff Noel Wees
Head Softball Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6928
Email: Noel.Wees@ojc.edu
Office: McDivitt Gym 115