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Placement Testing

The thought of going to college can be overwhelming. We evaluate your skills so that we may serve you better.

All new students must complete a series of tests in English composition, mathematics, and reading before registering for courses. These tests are used to place the student in courses and programs which match their abilities, education and experience. Tests are not used for admission to the college.

Summer Bridge Program

If test results indicate less than the established minimum scores, students may be required to complete prerequisite developmental courses. Academic advisors will interpret the scores and explain how they may affect the courses students will be required to take. If you tested into pre-college courses on your Accuplacer test, you have the opportunity to quickly gain the skills you need to re-take the Accuplacer test.

Summer Bridge is an opportunity to receive additional support in math, science, English and reading to better prepare students for college courses. The goal of the program is to help students strengthen their skills sets to improve their academic success and Accuplacer scores.


Staff in the Student Service Center can answer questions about the possibility of waiving the placement test if students have previous college credits or other circumstances including high ACT scores.

Acuplacer Testing FAQ



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