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Monday, July 25, 2016

OJC New Student Online Orientation
With the start of Fall Semester approaching, Otero Junior College is encouraging all new students to log on and complete OJC 101, an online orientation program designed to provide new students with an introduction to OJC’s procedures, academic programs, financial aid, and student services. OJC 101 is meant to help students get started on the right track and has everything a new student would need to know to get the most out of their college experience at OJC.

The orientation will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. If a student cannot complete the orientation in one sitting, they can stop and come back to the orientation at a later time.

During the course of the orientation, students will progress through multiple modules that will provide them information to help them better understand the processes and responsibilities of being an OJC student. The orientation covers subjects such as: understanding the college-readiness assessment process, how to log onto and navigate through the MY OJC Student Portal and how to use student email.  Students will also learn how to read the semester course schedule and calculate credit hours.

Several modules of the orientation are dedicated to academic advising, course registration and how to add, drop or withdraw from a class. Equally as important to students is gaining a better understanding of financial aid and the costs of college. The orientation will give them basic information about how to pay for college, completing the FAFSA, paying their bill and using the HigherOne Card.

Throughout the orientation students can find helpful tips for success and encouragement to seek our resources and become involved in student life activities.

For students living on campus, there is a section about housing and food service.

According to Almabeth Kaess, associate vice president of Enrollment Management at OJC, the online orientation has been in place for almost a year, and students have taken advantage of the information provided in the orientation.

“Over the past year we have seen quite a few students take advantage of this technology, and as a result, they are getting many of their questions answered and are arriving to campus much better prepared for the expectations and responsibilities that will be place upon them,” Kaess explained.

Student can access the OJC New Student Orientation at: http://www.ojc.edu/futurestudents/studentorientation.aspx .
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Students can access the OJC New Student Orientation at: http://www.ojc.edu/futurestudents/studentorientation.aspx