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Leadership Studies

Program Requirements

An academic certificate in Leadership Studies at Otero Junior College requires 12-credit hours of study and is limited to scholars who are accepted into the program. The program requires two core leadership courses and additional elective courses from a wide-variety of academic programs on campus.

Students must complete the 6-credit hour leadership core plus an additional 6-credits of electives for the 12-credit hour certificate with a grade of "B" or higher to receive the certificate.

PLP Team

Program Objective

To develop an experiential and academic learning program designed to foster and cultivate leaders who are:

  • Ethical
  • Visionaries
  • Critical and innovative thinkers
  • Empowering of others   
  • Rational and intuitive
  • Open to possibilities
  • Servants of the broader good
  • Committed to action

PLP Scholarship


The Otero Junior College Foundation provides 10 annual scholarships in the amount of $1,000 to each selected scholar ($500 for Fall Semester and $500 for Spring Semester). This scholarship will be renewed for one more years if the scholar maintains a 3.2 college GPA and remains in good standing with the program and meets the year-two continuation eligibility requirements. Continuation of scholarship awards past the first two years will be contingent upon funding.

PLP Scholarship Application

Please note you will be asked to choose from the following essay topics as a part of this application. It is suggested that you choose a topic and prepare your essay in Word prior to completing the remainder of the application for the President’s Leadership Program. The essay can then be copied into the online application form.

Select one (1) of the following questions and respond to it in an essay of 500 words or less. You will be evaluated on the thoughtfulness of your response and how well you explain and/or defend your position. Please attach this essay to your application. Your name should be in the upper right-hand corner of all attached pages.

  1. Explain why leadership is important to you? How has leadership changed your life? How do you plan to incorporate leadership in your future?
  2. Many highly effective leaders have noted that they have learned more about leadership in times of crisis than times of success. As president of the United States, select a current problem, issue or crisis and describe how you would address it.
  3. What does the term “servant-leadership” mean to you? Describe a person who is a servant-leader and why those qualities have made him or her successful.

President's Leadership Program

The President's Leadership Program serves as a bridge between the Otero Junior College community and the greater community by continually developing partnerships with area leaders, businesses and community service organizations.

The structure, criteria and quality of academic programming is aligned with that of four-year institutions in the region as closely as possible, while still maintaining transferability of all courses specifically related to the Leadership academic curriculum. Efforts is made by OJC to work with each of those colleges to create the opportunity for students to seamlessly transfer into those programs after leaving OJC.