Cosmetology Certificate

This three semester program will meet the Colorado State Board of Barber and Cosmetology credit hour requirements. Four certificate options exist within this program: Cosmetologist 60 credits, Hairstylist 40 credits, Esthetician 24 credits and Nail Technician /Manicurist 20 credits.



Cosmetology Career Academy

  • Cosmetologist
    Cosmetology Students

    COSMETOLOGIST (60 Total Credits)
    This three-semester program provides training in hair, skin, and nail care services. Instruction is provided in hair cutting, hair styling, hair coloring, chemical texture services, skin care, waxing services, make-up application, and nail care needs.

  • Esthetics

    ESTHETICS (24 - Total Credits)
    This two-semester certificate program provides training in skin care. Instruction is provided in facials, facial makeup and hair removal.

  • Hair Stylist
    Hair Stylist

    HAIR STYLIST (40 Total Credits)
    This two-semester certificate program provides training in hair care. Instruction is provided in hair cutting, hair styling,hair coloring, and chemical textures services.

  • Nail Tech
    Nail Technician

    NAIL TECHNICIAN (20 - Total Credits)
    This one-semester certificate program provides training in nail care. Instruction is provided in manicuring, pedicure, nail design extensions, and nail artistry.

  • Cosmetology Salon

    Cosmetology SalonThe Cosmetology Career Academy has established a rotation of classes that allows students to gain specific skills throughout the three-semester program that prepares them to work in the Academy's public salon. The salon allows students to practice their classroom skills in a real-world working environment. During the public salon hours, the students are able to offer a full line of services, including hair, skin, and nails. 

    Walk-in appointments are accepted; however, appointments are encouraged. To make an appointment with students at the salon, contact 384-6990. All work is supervised by instructors.


    Dates: Feb. 18 - March 13 and April 1 - April 17
    OPEN Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:
    11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


  • Club Cosmo
    Cosmetology Instructors Monica and Tammy

    Cosmetology Instructors:

    (L) Monica Valdez

    (R) Tammy Dorenkamp, Director

    (719) 384-6991


    Club Cosmetology is a student organization for students enrolled in the Cosmetology Career Academy. The organization focuses on the competencies that business and industry representatives have deemed critical to job success, such as professionalism, customer service and community service.

    Membership is open to all students attending the Cosmetology Career Academy.

    Club Cosmetology