Business Administration

Associate of Arts Transfer Degree

Business Administration

The Business Administration Transfer (A.A. Degree) program is designed for the student who is planning to enter a business degree program at a four-year institution.


The Business Transfer program combines general education classes with specific business courses to meet requirements of university business programs.

Seamless transfer with a Designated Transfer Degree from a Colorado community college to a Colorado public four-year university is made possible with Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreements, developed by the Colorado Department of Higher Education. For more information go to: The Colorado Dept. of Higher Education:

After completing an A.A. Designated Transfer Degree in Business, a student may seek entrance into a Colorado public university’s College of Business program. At the university, a student would pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in a particular area, such as accounting, finance, general business, marketing, or management. The Bachelor's Degree program prepares a student for employment within public and private industry or with a governmental agency in a professional position of business leadership.