Nursing Application Online

Application Procedure for Nursing Program

The following steps are required to apply to the Otero Junior College Nursing (ADN AAS) Program


Apply to Otero Junior College:

~ You will receive a Banner S number (example: S1112223).

**This step must be completed first, before filling out the online nursing application.


Applicants to Otero Junior College’s Nursing Program must complete the following four (4) general education prerequisites or be in progress during spring or summer semester to apply to the program. Applicants must submit updated transcripts at the end of the semester.

~ All Pre-Requisite Courses complete or last semester with a C or better at time of application:

  • English Composition I (3 credits)
  • Human Growth and Development (3 credits)*
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits)*
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits)*
  • Nursing Kaplan Exam – please schedule with Nursing at 719-384-6898.
    • Resources to Study for Kaplan ~ We suggest the following preparatory textbook (available at local bookstores or Amazon .com): Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams: Your Complete Guide to Getting into Nursing School.
      * Please note the text is for all nursing entrance exams and includes more information than is on this specific Admissions Test.

~ Required General Education Courses – must earn a C or better. Required courses may be completed prior to program entrance or during the program.

  • BIO 216 Human Pathophysiology (4 credits)* (must be completed prior to entry into second year)
  • MAT 103 Clinical Calculations (3 credits) (Must be completed by end of the first semester)
  • HWE 100 (3 credits) or HPR 108 (1 credit) Human Nutrient (Must be completed by end of the first semester)
  • Elective courses – Humanities or Social Behavior Science. Elective must be from the Guaranteed Transfer Course list. (Must complete by the end of the last program semester)

*All science courses must be completed within seven (7) years of entry. Science courses over seven (7) years may be reviewed by Director depending on certain circumstances, please contact Nursing for details.

~ Application Process

  1. Apply: Use the Banner S number assigned to apply to the application listed on the bottom of the page of Nursing Application Link. Nursing Application
    1. Programs offered are Traditional Weekday or Evening/Weekend.
    2. An email confirmation will be sent once the application is completed.
      1. Check junk mail or spam if you do not see the email in your inbox.
    3. Keep logon information to check status online.
  2. Complete a Background Check: at cccs.castlebranch .com/ Cost is $34.20.
  3. Send all Official Transcripts to verify prerequisites, grades and medical certificates to Ann Lopkoff at for electronic version or mail to 1802 Colorado Ave., Attn: Registrar, La Junta, CO 81050. For transcript assistance call 719-384-6949.
    1. In progress courses will need to submit another transcript when the course has posted final grades.
  4. Send copies of Medical License or Proff of Military Honorable Discharge (if applicable).
  5. Check Status: Can be done through the Online Application Link.
    1. For inaccurate information or email not received: email
      1. Include your "S" number, name you put on application, best contact phone number and email. Specify the information that is incorrect or date you applied to check if your application went through.
  6. Review: Nursing Admissions Committee will review all applications that completed steps 1-3 before the deadline to apply.
  7. Contact: You will receive information on whether you were accepted or not with information to know what to do in each situation.

Deadline to Apply

Last Working Day of June prior to Fall enrollment.

  • Applications with background check, official transcripts and exam completed must be submitted to be considered a complete application.

Competitive Scoring and Acceptance Process.

~ Completed applications with all transcripts and all documentations required will be reviewed by an admissions committee and then a next steps notification will be sent out.

o Provisional acceptance is based on a merit evaluation.
o Applicants meeting all admission criteria will be ranked on a point system.
o A maximum of 74 points will be awarded on the following criteria:

  • Prerequisites courses GPA
  • Completion of recommended general education courses at the time of application
  • Education points
  • Healthcare work experience
  • Military (Poof of Honorable Service)
  • Kaplan Admissions Exams Scores
  • Residency (Living with in OJC service area)

~ Please check your online status for notification of acceptance after the 3rd business day of April, May, June and July. If you do not get a notification after two (2) weeks from application deadline, please call 719-384-6898.
~ Incomplete applications will NOT be processed and not considered for admissions.
~ Applicants Accepted will be given notification and next steps instructions.


*Any inquires about the status of your application before the notification deadline will only slow the application process.

**If accepted into Program – all drug tests are administer randomly on our campus.


To Request information on our various nursing programs please fill out the form below:

Pre-Nursing Request for Program Information


NOTE: If you have questions about the program, application assistance, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Lynette Ramirez, Coordinator of OJC Nursing and Allied Health Programs at 719-384-6898 or email

   To review your application status, you can select the Check Status button on the Nursing Application page (this page). It is recommended that you do so often.

Begin or Edit Your Online Nursing Application:

IMPORTANT: You must certify that you have read, understood and complied with the above steps and have filed the appropriate applications before beginning or editing this application.