OJC Nursing Assistant


Otero Junior College, in cooperation with area hospitals, offers a one semester nursing assistant program to prepare students to work in nursing assistants position. Successful completion of the Nursing Assistant courses entitles the graduate to apply to the Colorado Board of Nursing to take the certification exam for Certified Nurse Aide. Interested students should contact the Student Services Center for additional information.



Required Courses


  • NUA 101
  • NUA 102
  • NUA 170
  • Nurse Aide Health Care Skills
  • Certification Exam Prep
  • Nursing Aide Clinical Experience
  • 4
  • .5
  • 1

Recommended Courses

  • HPR 178
  • Medical Terminology 1
  • 2



Legal Requirements for Nursing Assistant Licensure

Before becoming licensed, students must answer the following questions:

A. “Have you ever been convicted of a crime or have you ever accepted a court plea of guilty or nolo contendre? Have you received a deferred judgment or deferred prosecution?”
B. “Are you now, or were you for the 12 months preceding the date of this application, addicted to any controlled substance; a regular user of any controlled substance without a prescription; and/or habitually intemperate in the use of intoxicating liquor?”

If any question is answered “yes,” students need to meet with the director of the Nursing Department for counseling because the Colorado State Board of Nursing has specific requirements for licensure.

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