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AGP Agriculture Production

AGP 106 - Crop Scouting & Pest Control Methods 3 Credits 
Teaches recognition of pests commonly found on major crops in Colorado, their life cycles and integrated pest control measures for these weeds, insects, and diseases.
(Contact hours - 45)

AGP 107 - Practical Irrigation Mgmt 2 Credits 
Introduces the student to irrigation methods, scheduling, limited irrigation concepts, hydrology, safety, water quality, chemigation, and interrelationships between irrigation, soil fertility, and crops. A limited amount of water law is also covered.
(Contact hours - 37.5)

AGP 146 - Artificial Insemination Mgmt 2 Credits 
Provides a study of applied fundamentals of anatomy and reproduction as they pertain to artificial insemination. Emphasizes the handling of frozen semen, heat detection and nutritional management for AI. Individualized training is given in developing and perfecting insemination techniques in live cattle.
(Contact hours - 37.5)

AGP 147 - Practical Cattle Reproduction 2 Credits 
Studies the fundamentals of cattle reproduction. Principles covered include: nutrition, breeding, system management, physiology of the reproductive tract, hormone function, fertilization, stages of pregnancy, and overall reproductive management of the cow herd. Emphasizes economic decision making and practical experience. Covers practical applications in reproductive management that may include: reproductive tract scoring, pelvic measuring, body condition scoring, artificial insemination and palpating cows.
(Contact hours - 37.5)

AGP 148 - Cattle Reproduction Lab 1 Credit 
Development of skills necessary for reproductive management of cattle in Beef/Dairy operations. Covers the practical application of reproductive management techniques and practices utilized in the cattle industry.
(Contact hours -30 )

AGP 204 - Soil Fertility and Fertilizers 4 Credits 
Emphasizes soil fertility and plant nutrition in crop production, soil-plant relations, diagnostic techniques and methods of evaluating soil fertility. Includes composition, manufacture, marketing and use of fertilizer materials and their reactions with soils and plants.
(Contact hours - 60)

AGP 215 - Animal Health 3 Credits 
Introduces the student to methods of prevention, recognition, and treatment of common livestock diseases.
(Contact hours - 45)

AGP 247 - Production Cattle Feeding 3 Credits 
Continues ASC 212 with emphasis on production cattle feeding in large and medium size operations. The mechanics and management of feeding operations in Logan County are observed and studied. Three major areas are emphasized: 1) Feedlot layout and design, 2) Nutrition, and 3) Health.
(Contact hours - 45)

AGP 280 - Production Ag. Internship 1-2 Credits 
May be waived if the student exhibits substantial knowledge and understanding of production agriculture in their first term of OJT and through written documentation of work experience at the time of waiver application.
(Contact hours - 15/30)

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