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ANT Anthropology

ANT 103 - Archaeology Laboratory: GT-SS3 1 Credit
Studies analytical methods in archaeological research including those employed in the field and in the laboratory. This course utilizes practical exercises to illustrate theoretical principles of archaeology, including methods of archaeological survey, excavation, artifact analysis, collection strategies, mapping strategies, and field interpretation.
(Contact Hours - 30)

ANT 107 - Introduction to Archeology: GT-SS3  3 Credits
Introduces the science of recovering the human prehistoric and historic past through excavation, analysis, and interpretation of material remains. The course provides a survey of the archaeology of different areas of the Old and New Worlds and the works of selected archaeologists, and discusses major archaeological theories.
(Contact hours - 45)

ANT 111 - Biological Anthropology with Laboratory: GT-SC1 4 Credits
Focuses on the study of the human species and related organisms, and examines principles of genetics, evolution, anatomy, classification, and ecology, including a survey of human variation and adaptation, living primate biology and behavior, and primate and human fossil evolutionary history. 
(Contact hours - 75)


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