CHE Chemistry


CHE 101 - Introduction to Chemistry I with Lab - GT-SC1 5 Credits
Includes the study of measurements, atomic theory, chemical bonding, nomenclature, stoichiometry, solutions, acid and base, gas laws, and condensed states. Laboratory experiments demonstrate the above concepts qualitatively and quantitatively. Designed for non-science majors, students in occupational and health programs, or students with no chemistry background.
(Contact hours - 105)
Prerequisite: MAT 050 or Corequisite: MAT 050

CHE 102 - Introduction to Chemistry II with Lab- GT-SC1 5 Credits
Focuses on introductory organic and biochemistry (sequel to Introduction to Chemistry I). This course includes the study of hybridization of atomic orbitals for carbon, nomenclature of both organic and biochemical compounds, physical and chemical properties of various functional groups of organic chemistry, and physical and chemical properties of biochemical compounds along with their biochemical pathways. Laboratory experiments are included.
(Contact hours - 105)
Prerequisite: CHE 101 or permission of instructor.

CHE 111 - General College Chemistry I with Lab- GT-SC1 5 Credits
Focuses on basic chemistry and measurement, matter, chemical formulas, reactions and equations, stoichiometry and thermochemistry. This course covers the development of atomic theory culminating in the use of quantum numbers to determine electron configurations of atoms, and the relationship of electron configuration to chemical bond theory and molecular orbital theory. The course includes gases, liquids, and solids and problem-solving skills are emphasized through laboratory experiments. 
(Contact hours - 105)
Prerequisite or Corequisite: MAT 121

CHE 112 - General College Chemistry II with Lab - GT-SC1 5 Credits
Presents concepts in the areas of solution properties, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acid-base and ionic equilibrium, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and organic chemistry. This course emphasizes problem solving skills and descriptive contents for these topics. Laboratory experiments demonstrate qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques.
(Contact hours - 105)
Prerequisite: CHE 111

CHE 211 - Organic Chemistry I with Lab 5 Credits
Focuses on compounds associated with the element carbon including structure and reactions of aliphatic hydrocarbons and selected functional group families. The course covers nomenclature of organic compounds, stereochemistry, reaction mechanisms such as SN1, SN2, E1 and E2. Laboratory experiments demonstrate the above concepts plus the laboratory techniques associated with organic chemistry.
(Contact hours - 105)
Prerequisite: CHE 112 or CHE 111 and instructor permission.

CHE 212 - Organic Chemistry II with Lab 5 Credits
Explores the chemistry of carbon-based compounds, their reactions and synthesis including the structure, physical properties, reactivities, and synthesis of organic functional groups not covered in Organic Chemistry I. The course explores functional groups including alcohols, ethers, aromatics, aldehydes, ketones, amines, amides, esters, and carboxylic acids and the reactions and reaction mechanisms of aromatic compounds. An introduction to biochemical topics may be included if time permits. Laboratory experiences demonstrate the above concepts and the laboratory techniques associated with organic chemistry.
(Contact hours - 105)
Prerequisite: CHE 211

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