PBH Public Health


PBH 100 - Introduction to Health Navigation 2 Credits
Introduces broad concepts and the context that informs the work of the Community Health Worker (CHW) and Health Navigator (HN), including scope of practice and history of the field, the discipline of public health, and an overview of the healthcare system.
(Contact hours - 30)

PBH 101 -Health Navigation Principles & Practices I 3 Credits
Provides an overview of the healthcare team, and individual health beliefs and behaviors.  Course prepares the student to gain skills in identifying resources, conducting client interviews, establishing professional relationships, and communicating within a healthcare team to improve care and reduce barriers to health.
(Contact hours - 45)

PBH 102 -  Health Navigation Principles & Practices II 3 Credits
Introduces disease-specific knowledge for management of chronic diseases and conditions. Introduces concepts related to death and dying.  Common psychological response to illness diagnosis will be emphasized.
(Contact hours - 45)

PBH 103 - Health Navigation Principles & Practices III 2 Credits
Introduces competencies needed to address key health issues in groups and communities.  Prepares the student for transition to Community Health Worker (CHW) career.(Contact hours - 30)

PBH 180 - Internship I 2 Credits
Provides opportunities to apply related theory and practice entry-level Community Health Worker (CHW) skills in actual client settings in the community.
(Contact hours - 90)

PBH 200 - Health System Navigation 3 Credits
Provides an overview of the United States health care system with a focus on the Community Health Worker role in initiating and managing referrals and accessing resources within and across subsystems. The subsystems reviewed will be acute and long-term medical care, public health, social/human services, behavioral health and the health insurance system.
(Contact hours - 45)

PBH 201 - Community Health Focus on Prevention 2 Credits
Explores prevention of illness and chronic disease across the lifespan.  Community health evidence-based recommendations will be explored including primary, secondary and tertiary prevention protocols.  Assesses community need and development of prevention plans within the classroom setting.
(Contact hours - 30)

PBH 204 - Health Communications 3 Credits
Introduces an overview of health communications, including principles, applications, and how to adapt messages to special settings and populations.
(Contact hours - 45)

PBH 205 - Transition to Health Navigation 2 Credits
Provides an integrative experience applying all the dimensions of the professional Health Navigator in the care of diverse populations across a variety of settings. Leadership and the management of multiple populations are emphasized. A self-assessment of knowledge and skills occurs in the clinical setting to facilitate an effective transition from student to professional Health Navigator.
(Contact hours - 30)

PBH 280 - Internship II 3 Credits
Provides opportunities to implement concepts and skills from Health Navigator program, in actual client situations in the community and acute care clinical settings. Client needs assessment, resource acquisition and the referral process will be emphasized.
(Contact hours - 135)

PBH 281 - Internship III 3 Credits
Provides opportunities to implement concepts and skills from Health Navigator program, in actual client situations in the community and acute care clinical settings. Facilitates transition from student to graduate through application of Health Navigator core roles and competencies during their internship experience in a health setting. Critical and evidence-based thinking, problem solving, health education, and health promotion are emphasized.
(Contact hours - 135)



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