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CRJ Criminal Justice

CRJ 110 – Intro to Criminal Justice - GT-SS3  3 credits
Introduces students to the basic components of the criminal justice system in the United States. Concepts of crime, crime data, victimization, perspectives and views of crime, theory, and law are discussed. Particular attention to the criminal justice process, interaction and conflict between criminal justice agencies, and current criminal justice issues are examined.

(Contact hours - 45)

CRJ 230 - Criminology
3 Credits

Provides an introduction to the study of crime, understanding the causes of crime, and examines, theoretical frameworks and theories to explain criminal behavior. Within a social context, consideration is given to how theories have emerged and understand how social context contributes to explanations of crime. Examination of the nature of crime, crime victimization, crime patterns, types of crime, crime statistics, and criminal behavior is also included.
(Contact hours - 45)  

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