PHI Philosophy


PHI 111 - Introduction to Philosophy - GT-AH3 3 Credits
Introduces significant human questions and emphasizes understanding the meaning and methods of philosophy. Includes human condition, knowledge, freedom, history, ethics, the future, and religion.
(Contact hours - 45)

PHI 112 - Ethics - GT-AH3 3 Credits
Examines human life, experience, and thought in order to discover and develop the principles and values for pursuing a more fulfilled existence. Theories designed to justify ethical judgments are applied to a selection of contemporary personal and social issues.
(Contact hours - 45)

PHI 113 - Logic - GT-AH3 3 Credits
Studies effective thinking using language-oriented logic. Provides tools and develops skills for creative and critical thinking. Emphasizes the development of decision-making and problem-solving.
(Contact hours - 45)

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