Administrative Organization

OJC Organization Charts 2019 - 2020



President's Office


    Office of the President
 T. Alvarez
    Vice President of Administrative Services
P. Malott

Vice President for Academic
C. Lockhart

      Vice President for Student Affairs
 C. Lockhart
          Director of Human Resources
C. Noll
          Director of SBDC
 M. Lewis-Gemici

Executive Assistant
to the President

S. Petramala 


 Foundation Director
 D. Martin 


    Technician IV
 R. Hund



Administrative Services


    Office of Vice President for Administrative Services
P. Malott
J. Johnston
    Director of Physical Plant
 D. Girard
          Director of Computer Center
S. Borton
            Coordinator of Grants & Data
T. Eddy
    Coordinator of Landscape Design
C. Weaver
              Computer Technician Web Support
 K. Collins
            Business Office Coordinator and Book Store Purchasing
 T. Herasingh
    Grounds & Nursery I
P. Reed

            Coordinator of Educational Technology
M. Hotchkiss-Trejo
            Accounting Tech II
P. Achatz

T. Archuleta
R. Carrica
J. Miell
F. Salazar

                      Custodian III
 K. Paugh
                          Custodian II
E. Martinez
                      Custodian I
V. Florez
I. Freidenberger
L. Martinez
J. Talmich
C. Armijo
K. Hart
S. Middlebrooks

Security I
T. Freidenberger
J. Liming
J. Clarke

                      Administrative Assistant I
J. Golden



Academic Affairs


  Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
C. Lockhart
Director of Institutional Research and Initiatives
 C. Herasingh
    Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
R. Brown
    Coordinator of Instructional Services
D. Eddy
  Chair- Business Technology and Service Occupations
T. Dorenkamp
  Chair- Arts and Humanities
E. Litle
  Chair- Math and Science
C. Reeves
    Chair- Director of Nursing and Allied Health Programs
A. Clerkin
Coordinator of Learning Commons and Student Engagement
H. Wold
A. Lopkoff
R. Belew
B. Sporrer 
B. Matthew
W. Myers
R. Samaniego
M. Valdez
S. Wallace-Ormiston
L. Bamber
K. Kelly
C. Litle
A. Matejcek
J. Reed
C. Stork
B. Beyerl
S. Averett
L. Gallegos
 D. Khanal
M. Korbitz
B. Mueller
A. Nolan
C. Canfield
P. Faus
M. Root
K. Schmidt
A. Tarrant
J. Ward
  Educational Resource and Disability Services Coordinator
      Administrative Assistant
J. Horton
                                    Administrative Assistant
L. Ramirez
  Instruction & Technical Specialist
S. Frentress
    Law Enforcement Academy Director
 V. Fraker
  Full-Time Tutor
S. Japhet
    Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator
  Part-Time Tutor
D. Brooks
    Non-Credit, Part-Time, Adjunct Instructors
            Testing & Law Enforcement Academy Operations
K. Juul


Student Affairs


  Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
C. Lockhart
        Associate Vice President of Enrollment
A. Kaess
           Dean of Students
 G. Addington
             Director of Financial Aid
K. Barbee
             Residence/Student Life
                 Assistant Financial Aid Director
 A. Asbury
         Director of Auxiliary Services
D. Martin
             Admissions and Transfer Coordinator 
             Fitness Center Director
J. Wise
             Director of International Programs
R. Wallace
            Athletic Director
                International Relations Coordinator
T. Crespin
                    Baseball Coach
C. Carrillo
  Assistant Coach
D. Wold
            Enrollment Management Coordinator
D. Phillips
                         Men's Basketball Coach
C. Dewey
  Assistant Coach
Z. Towle
            Web Master
G. Randall
                         Women's Basketball Coach
L. Steele
  Assistant Coach
A. Lynn
             Recruiter/Social Media
 T. Kelley
                         Golf Coach
D. Davis
             TRiO Director
T. Werner
                         Men's Soccer Coach
C. Smith
  Assistant Coach
J. Adame
                Academic/Transfer Advisor
J. Lopez
                     Women's Soccer Coach
K. Hurtado
  Assistant Coach
E. Knight
                Career/Financial Advisor
A. Cihura
                    Softball Coach
D. Sanders
  Assistant Coach
M. Bohanan
                Admin Assistant/Tutor
C. Mackey
                     Rodeo Coach
L. Sumpter
  Assistant Coach
Ju. Pollmiller
                                            Volleyball Coach
J. Willis
  Assistant Coach
J. Bruere
                                             Wrestling Coach
T. Urenda
  Assistant Coach
T. George



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