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Once you become a Rattler, you become part of a dynamic and diverse group of students, many of whom will become your life-long friends.  Whether you live in the dorms or commute to campus, every week you will find opportunities to join in activities with campus clubs, play intramural sports, or cheer on one of the 12 Rattler athletic teams.

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Student Life

Get Involved!

This is one of the most unique times of your life, so take the opportunity to discover who you are, what you like, and who you want to be. Getting involved in campus life can teach you things beyond the classroom. This is your chance to meet new people, experience different cultures, try something new, help others in need, learn new skills, and just enjoy life! 
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Why get involved?

There are hundreds of reasons why getting involved will help you succeed. Below are a few reasons why many students have decided to get involved.

Meet friends that will last a lifetime.

Students who are successful at OJC have friends who support them when times get tough. When you get involved, you become part of a team of students who will help to ensure your success. You will also learn that students who are involved seem to be able to find a great balance between work and play while they improve the campus community.

Make your application or resume stand out. 


Your academic courses will lay the ground work to ensure that you have the technical skills and knowledge to proceed to your next endeavor. Employers, grad school selection committees and recruiters are all looking for people who not only have the knowledge, but who have practical experience that will encourage their success beyond the classroom. Getting involved in campus life will give you that practical experience to build your leadership skills, practice problem solving, deal with difficult situations, manage people and learn how to work effectively in a team. 

Make a difference.

Students at OJC are passionate about making our world a better place. Our students are currently involved in many projects that make our campus and community a better place. 

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Student Organizations & Athletics

Organization Description
Associated Student Government (ASG) The student body of Otero Junior College is represented by an Associated Student Government (ASG), presided over by the student body president. The ASG considers and makes recommendations regarding student affairs and the disbursement of student activity fees. The ASG is responsible for working with the Director of the Student Center and/or those others responsible for the supervision of activities in coordinating and promoting student activities. ASG promotes activities for the entire student body attending Otero Junior College. Contact Jeffery Reed 719-384-6807.
Agriculture Club The Agriculture Club fosters interest in agriculture for students by organizing agriculture related extra-curricular activities.  Members are involved with providing an all-inclusive forum for students engaged in agriculture related activities and organize program events. Contact: Brooke Matthew 719-384-6964.
Alpine Club The Alpine Club is dedicated to exposing students to the joys of outdoor recreation in the wild lands of Colorado. Members participate in activities such as rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, skiing and biking. Membership is open to all interested students. No prior outdoor recreation experience is necessary. Contact Lisa Gallegos 719-384-6961.
Art Club Activities for the Art Club include trips to the Denver Art Museum and Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  Students volunteer with the Otero Arts Festival in the spring and host the OJC Student Art show. Video Club encourages students to develop their talents in creative videoing projects and to make videos in a professional manner. Its purpose is to bring out students’ innovations. Contact Anna Matejcek 719-384-6866.
Chess Club Play chess! The OJC Chess club helps you develop your problem-solving skills, concentration, logical thinking, focus of thought and self-discipline. Contact Dr. Joel Gray 719-384-6892.
Club Cosmetology The Cosmetology Career Academy student organization enables Cosmetologists, Hairstylists, Nail Technicians, and Estheticians to participate in a professional student organization. The organization is based on competencies that business and industry representatives have deemed critical to job success. Membership is open to all students attending the Cosmetology Career Academy. Contact Tammy Dorenkamp 719-384-6991.
Cricket Club The Cricket Club is committed to promoting the game of cricket and encouraging the development of sportsmanship and friendship.  The organization accomplishes it mission by teaching others how to play cricket and hosting special events to enjoy cricket together as a community. Contact Rochelle Wallace 719-384-6805.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Contact Tim Urenda 719-384-6974.
Fencing Club Contact TBA.
Gaming Club Contact Tim Jeffrey Reed 719-384-6807.
CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) Cru is a caring community at OJC passionate about community and connecting people to Jesus. Campus Crusade for Christ restarted at OJC in Spring 2018 under the new United States organization name Cru. OJC Cru celebrated 1 year of coming back to OJC in January 2019. About 10-12 students attend weekly gatherings that include Bible study and games every Thursday at 6 pm during the spring semester. Student leaders develop and lead every study with the guidance and mentorship of a senior pastor and volunteer leader. Cru sponsors activities like snack packs during finals, science talks, debates, and game nights. This spring OJC Cru was able to donate 10 cents for every questionnaire completed to the Aruna Project. OJC Cru along with two other Southern Colorado Colleges (UCCS and CSU-P) collected 970 questionnaires and donated a combined total of $97 to the Aruna Project. OJC Cru does various activities on and off campus during the semester, and some activities offer scholarships to help students cover some or all costs to attend thanks to local churches, ministries and private donors. We had a student leader attend and represent OJC at the Cru Winter Conference in Colorado Springs on January 2, 2019 and was able to meet all other Cru organizations across the state. OJC Cru offers mission trips for spring and summer breaks in general missions, healthcare missions, and athletic mission camps in the United States and abroad. Contact Lynette Ramirez 719-384-6898.
International Relations Organization The International Relations Organization is interested in promoting exchanges between people of different cultures, ethnic traditions, nationalities and religious differences.  They coordinate a number of intercultural activities on campus and throughout the area to provide opportunities to both share and learn and promote involvement in campus life and personal enrichment through culturally diverse experiences.  Contact Rochelle Wallace 719-384-6805.
LGBTQ Club OJC LGBTQ club is a student-organized school club that aims to create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Contact Chelsea Herasingh 719-384-6976.
Non-Traditional Students Organization The Non-Traditional Students Organization’s mission is to encourage, support, and respond to the unique needs and responsibilities of all non-traditional students contributing to the successful completion of their educational goals. Membership is open to any non-traditional student (i.e. returning, married, parenting, career change, and transitional). Contact Shawn Japhet 719-384-6862.
Otero Players Students with a desire to participate in stage productions are 
welcome to join the Otero Players. All participants gain experience in performance and aspects of technical production. Emphasis is placed on presenting a varied program of drama, music, and dance to the campus and community. Contact Cassidy Litle 719-384-6851.
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor society of two-year colleges. The OJC Delta Rho chapter offers qualified students support from fellow scholars of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, economic levels and fields of study, as well as opportunities for scholarships. To be eligible for membership, a student must be enrolled at OJC, must have completed at least 12 semester hours of course work leading to a recognized transfer degree, have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00, and have earned a minimum of 3.5 GPA for the previous semester. Contact Kaysie Schmidt 719-384-6854.
Psychology Club Contact Brenda Mueller 719-384-6827.
President's Leadership Program (PLP) The mission of the President’s Leadership Program (PLP) is to develop and train emerging leaders at Otero Junior College through a one- or two-year academic leadership program. The objective of PLP is to provide academic, experiential and service learning programs designed to foster and cultivate leaders who are: ethical, visionary, critical and innovative thinkers, committed to action, empowering of others, rational and intuitive, open to possibilities and servants of the broader good. The program serves as a bridge between Otero Junior College and the greater community by continually developing partnerships with area leaders, businesses and community service organizations.  The program is limited to scholars who are accepted into the President's Leadership Program through an application and competitive process. Contact Samme Ormiston 719-384-6850.
Student Nurses’ Association This organization acquaints the student nurse to the professional responsibilities of nursing, providing opportunities for leadership, and growth through collegial relationships. Membership is open to all students admitted to the nursing program. Contact Amanda Clerkin 719-384-6897.
The Neighbors: Residence Hall Student Association The Neighbors: Residence Hall Student Association works to provide activities for residence hall residents and to create a more livable and enjoyable atmosphere while students are attending Otero Junior College. Contact Zach Towle 719-384-6962.
Teacher Candidate Community (TCC) Contact Darlene Blackford 719-384-6865.
TRiO Club Contact Todd Werner 719-384-6941.
Video Club Contact TBA.
  Other organizations are started every year as interest develops. Students are encouraged to work through the Associated Student Government and sponsors of existing organizations and clubs to organize and develop new organizations.

Intercollegiate Athletics

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OJC offers 12 intercollegiate sports. The competitive spirit of athletic competition creates a bond of support among all students as they cheer on their Rattlers.
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