Nursing Application Online

Application Procedure for Nursing Program

STEP 1: Apply to Otero Junior College (OJC) for general college admission. Upon application, you will obtain your Banner S number. (Example: S01234567). If you already have an S number from another Colorado Community College System College, you are still required to apply to Otero Junior College.

**This step must be completed first, before filling out the online nursing application.

STEP 2: Go to the OJC website to review the nursing admission requirements, process and the program options available (Evening/weekend and traditional weekday programs) at
STEP 3: After completion of the pre-requisite courses you may apply to the OJC Nursing program. You will begin/complete the online application when you click the Begin Registration button below.
STEP 4: Have official transcripts for the required pre-requisite and general education courses completed at other colleges or universities sent to Otero Junior College at 1802 Colorado Ave., La Junta, CO 81050.
STEP 5: You will receive email confirmation of the receipt of your application.
STEP 6: Complete an Accuplacer Reading test and an Accuplacer Math test and have the scores submitted to Otero Junior College. Minimum Accuplacer Reading score is 80, Minimum Accuplacer Math score is Elementary Algebra (EA) 61. Accuplacer tests must be taken within the 6 months prior to being accepted into the Nursing Program.
STEP 7: After Nursing Department review of transcripts and confirmation of the completion of the admission pre-requisite courses with a Grade Point Average of 2.5 or higher you will need to order a Criminal Background check.
To order the Criminal Background Check:
1.) Go online to
2.) Select Criminal Background Check (Package #1).
3.) Follow the directions to complete the order and pay the $34.20 fee.

STEP 8: Have all of the following submitted to OJC or to the Nursing Office by the Admission Deadline.
  • College Application
  • Nursing Program on-line application
  • Official transcripts for all courses transferred from colleges other than OJC
  • All pre-requisite courses completed with a Grade Point Average of 2.5 or higher
  • Accuplacer Reading test Score (80 or higher)
  • Accuplacer Math test score (Elementary Algebra (EA) 61 or higher)
  • Proof of CNA Certification, if applicable
  • Proof of honorable military service, if applicable
  • Receipt of completed Criminal Background Check must be received by the OJC Nursing Office (Please see directions above for ordering your background check).
  • Attendance to Pre-Nursing Information session (see below)

2018 Pre-Nursing Session Dates TBA

STEP 9: To review your application status, you can select the Check Status button on the Nursing Application page (this page). It is recommended that you do so often.

Begin or Edit Your Online Nursing Application:

IMPORTANT: You must certify that you have read, understood and complied with the above steps and have filed the appropriate applications before beginning or editing this application.