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At Otero Junior College we want to help you make that first step into higher education as smooth as possible. Our one-stop-shop the Student Services Center provides all the services you need in one location. With just one stop you can complete your placement testing, visit with the Financial Aid, meet with an advisor, get registered for the next semester and visit the cashier's office.

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Getting Started

To get started download and complete the OJC Admissions Checklist and the OJC Student Agreement to  Pay form:

Note: The Student Agreement must be completed each term before registration.

You can also Download and print the Student Agreement PDF form.

Sign form and:

  1. Scan form and e-mail to Student Services
  2. Mail signed form to Student Services or
  3. Drop form off at Student Services.

Admissions Navigator

Begin your college experience today by using our Admissions Navigator. What would you like to know about?

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Making a selection will open a new window. To return to this page, minimize or close the new window.

Credits from Other Colleges

According to a study by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), more than a third of undergraduates transfer at least once, and 11% transfer twice. And, believe it or not, about one in 50 students (2.3%) transfer three times or more.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

At Otero Junior College we realize significant learning happens outside of the formal classroom setting and often in the workplace or through your interest in independently learning about a subject. Through the Prior Learning Assessment Credit  process, you can have your learning evaluated regardless of where, when, or how you acquired it as long as you can document your learning and it can be verified at a college level.

Military Training

Students who have military training and experience can earn credit based on the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations on their Joint Services Transcript. For further information please see: